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Filipinos are warm, kind and fun. Luckily, the medium of education in schools is English.

So everybody understands it to some degree. As a poor country though, not everyone made it all the way through school, so speak slowly, use easy words, be nice and smile.

Getting around is easy.


  • Bring sunscreen (its expensive here), bug repellent, some basic pharmaceuticals if you have preferred brands for headaches, upset tummy, motion sickness, etc.

  • Pay attention to your airport terminals in Manila. The terminal buildings are not connected. It’s a painful mistake.

  • Use the taxi stands at the airports.

  • Download Grab, the local Uber app.
  • Change a little money in the airport, not a lot.
  • Buy a SIM card in the airport to avoid international charges. Buy load for a week in the airport. (your phone needs to be unlocked for this)

  • Try the local foods.
  • Tip occasionally for good service. It doesn’t need to be 10%...that’s too much. Wages are low.
  • Be patient. Service is slooooow. It’s an island nation: you’re always on island time.
  • Rent a scooter. Enjoy the Island life. Car rentals are still available. 


  • Leave your things unattended. Phones are hot items for theft. It’s a poor country still. Life’s a struggle. We’ll control our surroundings for the most part, but be careful if you wander off on your own. Violent robberies are non-existent, but if you’re sloppy things disappear.

  • Eat at dirty places.

  • Spend on stuff like rash guards, water shoes, etc. We can find you super cheap ones here. Let us know in advance. We can order for you. Sarongs and flip-flops are easy and cheap here.

  • Give money to beggars. They will tell their friends, and you will get dozens of new ‘friends’.

  • Get openly mad at someone for slow service. However slow it might have been, it’ll be even slower now.

  • Do not get into random taxis or taxis with broken meters (it’s probably not a real cab
    in that case)

  • Drive fast. There are stray dogs and cats everywhere. You never need to go faster than 60 Kmh (40 mph). Road rash sucks.

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